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Bumble BFF

Bumble's dating app took the world by storm, while the rest of their apps got left in the dust.

Bumble Said 

Users of our dating app won't give our BFF version a try. How do we remove the stigma that Bumble BFF is for people without any friends?

The Geek in Me Says 

Oh no, that sounds so sad! What if Bumble not only found new friendships but saved old ones? Too much of anything can drive you nuts...especially friends. So let's prevent toxic friendships by expanding friend circles.

Esports Community:

Every gamer has a salty friend that can make co-ops stressful.

So we partnered with gaming brands like Twitch, Epic Games, and Zynga to encourage people to find new gaming friends (both near and far) with Bumble BFF.

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epic games 2.jpg
words with friends - bumble.jpg
Custom Voicemail:

Partner with YouMail App to create pre-recorded messages for your friends.


Play Recording

Cards Against Humanity - BFF Pack:

I can't think of any other game that's made me laugh harder "with" and "at" my friends, simultaneously. Cards Against Humanity is the perfect opportunity to bring awareness to, and

poke fun at all of the reasons why our friends can drive us nuts.

Not to mention it's a great icebreaker and always fun with more friends!

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