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Fiat 500X

The Challenge:


Everybody knows Fiat for their compact cars and the fun, quirky people that drive them. However, their SUV models are not top of mind for the colorful adventurers who want a more versatile vehicle.

The Solution:


Show people that there’s a more exciting alternative to clunky trucks for those who need more space to fit gear and friends on their adventures. Whether it’s video game characters, clothes, or cars, quirky people like myself tend to make decisions or buy products that represent a bit of our personality.

Vacation Test Drives:

Fiat offers paid-for weekend vacations to some of it’s test drivers.

Drivers will be allowed to take the SUV to select ski destinations, camping sites, rock climbing areas, etc. Participants are encouraged to pack all their equipment for a better idea of the possibilities that more space and mobility can bring.


Partnership with Travel Channel to make webisodes that highlight the importance of space and mobility for people with big personalities.

Two experts face-off to prepare for various road trips  in competition to see who can fit the most gear into their Fiat 500Xs, and enjoy a longer trip.

Fiat Extreme Roadtrip.png
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