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Attributions: Carmela Vecchione, Sanjana Chowdhury, Mohamed Amribet

Role: Art Direction & Strategy

Awards: 2018 VMLY&R and The Ad Club Idea Hackathon; 2019 CCNY Graduate Symposium

Nickelodeon Said 

We want to create a space where everyone feels included, how can we use our platform to fight gender bias?

The Geek in Me Says 

There's a major gender gap in STEM related fields, so what if we inspired girls to close that gap? STEM is almost like having a real life super power, and who's more inspiring than Superheroes? Let's tackle gender stereotypes in comics, and create superheroes that girls can actually relate to.


STEM Force offers an innovative view on role models, and celebrates diversity by developing characters with various backgrounds and body types. The heroes are all named after real female trailblazers in STEM fields to pay homage to their legacies. Media can be distributed via internet streaming platforms, broadcast media, schools & libraries, comic book publishers, and YouTube influencers. Revenue is generated through sales of licensed products and apparel.

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