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Attributions: Kenneth Medina

New York Public Library 

A staple of New York and way better than any ebook subscription!


NYPL Said 

We’re losing on-premise consumers who only see the library as a place to borrow books.

The Geek in Me Says 

Neat! Look at these huge open spaces! It’s like a zen sanctuary in here! So much more peaceful than the crowded city...

Encourage people to savor their time at NYPL by curating playlists meant for long relaxing visits.
nypl spotify library vibes.JPG
Partnered with Headspace and ASMR influencers to bring the peaceful sounds of the library out into the noisy world with you.
Audio_ext - 6-24.jpg
Digital Coloring Books & AR:
Collaboration with Colorfy; a meditative adult coloring app, to create NYC/Literature inspired digital coloring books. Colorfy has Augmented Reality capability to allow users to literally surround themselves with the calming visuals they create.
Coloring Books.jpg
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