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Attributions: Angel Yimin Wu, Carmela Vecchione, Taylor Becker


Diageo’s first non-alcoholic distilled spirit is made by an eccentric English farmer in an old copper still from a 369-year old distillation recipe.

Diageo Said 

Can we tap into the Sober-Curious trend without pandering? And can you do something about the weird name?

The Geek in Me Says 

Cool! Doesn’t the founder sound like a wonderfully weird wizard? Let’s create a conspiracy around that….

Phase 1: Starting The Rumor

We created a conspiracy that Ben is literally a wizard, and the secret behind Seedlip's taste is magic. 


The rumor started with a conspiracy website. We posted links to it throughout the city with guerrilla style stickers and flyers. Simultaneously we leaked exaggerated tabloids about Ben, and had Seedlip publicly deny any knowledge of the conspiracy.


minisite in browser.png
Phase 2: Fan The Flames

Now that people are talking about Seedlip, we secretly become part of the conversation by creating and contributing to Reddit posts as well as "defacing" our own OOH print ads.

laptop 2.png
reddit 2.gif
defaced ooh 1.png
defaced ooh 2.png
defaced ooh 3.png

We used bartenders to start conversations around the product by providing them with bartender tool-kits. Kits included pamphlets to address Seedlip rumors, cocktail recipes, and drink coasters that reveal alchemy symbols after getting wet.

seedlip booklet cover.png
Phase 3: Revelation/Owning The Rumor

Seedlip now finally addresses the elephant in the room with a video on their social media, revealing that the secret behind Seedlip isn't magic; its distillation.


Seriously it's not magic - just amazingly distilled.

Then we followed up on the big announcement by releasing OOH print that reveals the big secret all along was distillation, not magic.

amazingly distilled ooh1.png
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